Two faces of Ramadan: Over-consumption for some, scarcity for others

In Tunis, Beirut, Dubai, Manama, Istanbul and other major cities, the display of lavishness and over-consumption contends with the bitter reality of poverty, displacement and conflict, writes Iman Zayat.

How the Establishment Imposes ‘Truth’

A new “press freedom” paradigm has taken hold in the Western world, imposing establishment narratives as “truth” and dismissing contrarian analyses as “fake news,” a break from the Enlightenment’s “marketplace of ideas,” says Gilbert Doctorow.

UN last hurdle before Israel can rid itself of the Palestinians

With Trump in the White House, a crisis-plagued Europe ever-more toothless and the Arab world in disarray, Netanyahu wants to seize this chance to clear the UN out of the way, warns Jonathan Cook.

Syrian Opposition Wary of Qatar Crisis Fallouts

Most Syrian politicians are anxiously waiting to see how this crisis unfolds and whether Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani will surrender to Saudi dictates, a move that would effectively strip his country of all its political tools and influence, reports Sami Moubayed.

The Unfinished Six Day War: An open letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu

Alon Ben-Meir to Netanyahu: Fifty years have passed, and as the longest serving prime minister, you have not yet articulated any vision about Israel’s future and the fate of the Palestinians.

Qatar Crisis Reverberates across the Maghreb

Many secularists pointed to the support provided by Qatar to radical Islamists in the region and described the move of Arab countries as a blow to Islamist groups, notably the Muslim Brotherhood, writes Iman Zayat.

ISIS Growing beyond Sinai and into Southern Egypt

Until the government’s projects bear fruit and improve living conditions for those in the south, Egypt must deal with the ramifications of its previous neglect of the southern provinces, argues Ibrahim Ouf.

What is it about Muslims in the West that Trump Finds so Discomfiting?

Trump, however, had no compunction about tweet-punching London Mayor Sadiq Khan within hours of the heinous attacks on the city, says Rashmee Roshan Lall.

McMaster Urges Another Afghan ‘Surge’

The failure to hold the Iraq War perpetrators accountable has led to false narratives about “successful surges” that never really succeeded — and now may allow the Afghan slaughter to escalate, reports James W Carden.

Trump and the American Decline

The fury over President Trump’s behavior and the hysteria over Russia are concealing the more significant long-term erosion of U.S. global influence from endless wars in the Mideast, observes ex-CIA official Graham E. Fuller.

Conflicting Strategies on the Way to Raqqa

Iranians worried that, if the Americans manage to take what was left through their proxies, this would sever the Damascus-Baghdad Highway, which is the only route for Hezbollah arms and money transported by land from Iran to Lebanon, first through Iraq and then via Syria, observes Sami Moubayed.

Can Football Players Help Break Stereotypes About Islam?

Sports personalities are important in breaking down stereotypes and normalising Muslims to fans, explains Aaqil Ahmed.

Will the Neocons’ Long War Ever End?

America’s Long War or Global War on Terror has taken some ugly turns as the West’s continued war-making in the Muslim world leads to new terrorism against Western targets, with no end in sight, explains Nicolas J S Davies.

Not the Way to Defend Christians

The bottom line is that vulnerable Christian communities do need protection and support. What they do not need is to be exploited as pawns in a disgraceful effort to demonize another religion, argues James Zogby.

A Question of Justice

Fifty years after the June 1967 war, the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands continues. Whatever new plan is devised will concern the entire region and the wider Muslim world, writes Alain Gresh.

Fifty Years Of Immoral Occupation

Fifty years of disingenuous engagement with one another for the worthiest cause of peace; years of mutual victimization and finding comfort in self-pity and stolen dreams, says Alon Ben-Meir.

Avoiding War with China

In recent years, many American leaders have grown cavalier about nuclear war, especially with Russia, but there is also risk of a devastating conflict with China, as former U.S. Ambassador Chas W. Freeman Jr. observes.

Libya’s Link to Manchester’s Tragedy

Whenever a horrific terror attack hits the West, the media/political etiquette rejects any linkage between the atrocity and the West’s wars in the Arab world, a blackout now applying to the Manchester bombing, notes John Pilger.