Israeli rights group accepts donation from winner of Man Booker prize

Anti-occupation NGO B'Tselem welcomes donation of prize money from Jessica Cohen, translator of Israeli writer David Grossman's prize-winning novel.

Lebanon bans Wonder Woman film over Zionist actress

Ramadan TV dramas get inspiration from Syria war

Film warns of Israel's 'suicide' at Cannes

Cyprus convention targets trade in 'blood antiquities'

Lebanese activists seek to save Beirut heritage from neglect

Turkey stages Ottoman sports in callback to past glory

Tunisia seeks to add Djerba to World Heritage List

Tight security for Tunisia Jewish festival

TV series depicts Israel-Palestinian conflict

Turkey relocates medieval tomb over flooding risk

Saudi artists seen 'pushing' boundaries

Model garden discovered outside ancient Egypt tomb

Saudi wins Prince of Poets title

Visiting Nablus, the ‘Little Damascus’ of Palestine

French conductor leads Tehran orchestra in sign of growing ties

Archaeologists unearth ancient tomb near Egypt's Luxor

New documentary on comedian Bassem Youssef follows Arab Spring turmoil

Iranian female snooker players banned

Morocco hosts African art festival

Demolition of decades-old Beirut brewery begins

Banksy West Bank hotel to receive first guests

Saudi film fest head wants govt investment in cinema

Vogue Arabia adds perspective on women’s veil

Cairo festival brings recognition to women film-makers

New film fights ISIS’s ideology through comedy

Fighting jihad with culture in Tunisia's impoverished mountains

IS withdraws from Syria's Palmyra

Palmyra busts returned to Syria after restoration in Italy

Geologists demand return of Moroccan 'Nessie'

Film on Syria's White Helmets wins Academy Award

The art of reimagining the value of nothing

British Museum training Iraqi archaeologists to save heritage

Prince of Poets returns to Al Raha Beach theatre

Avant-garde mosque preaches coexistence in Lebanon

Gates of the Medina offer view of Tunis's history and architecture

Tradition celebrated at Emirati desert festival

IS demolishes two more monuments in Palmyra

American Arabesque celebrated in Virginia

US claims antiquities looted by IS to block their resale


Saving Nineveh and Nimrud from ISIS

ISIS destruction of Iraq’s archaeological treasures is seen in part as strategy of demoralising communities that fell under terror group’s control.

Three decades later, Saudis get their first concert

Tickets sold out in 30 minutes for long-awaited concert music in Riyadh as Saudi Arabia has cautiously begun introducing entertainment.

Morocco grows into international cultural magnet

North African kingdom is witnessing cultural boom thanks to its renowned international festivals, large projects launched by King Mohammed VI.

Etihad museum tells history of UAE’s formation

External façade of muse­um is in form of folded manu­script supported internally by gold­en columns, representing fountain pens symbolising seven Emir­ates.

Kurds’ language in official settings sees new life in Syria

Kurdish officials have reclaimed their tongue, reintroducing Kurmanji dialect of their language into the school curriculum Kurdish-majority regions in Syria.

Syrian star turned pizza boy dreams of Hollywood ending

Acting star Jihad Abdo is finally finding his feet after career is uprooted by Syrian conflict, causing him to flee ‘beautiful life’ for fresh start in Hollywood.

Qarawiyyin library holds written wonders

World's oldest library in Morocco's ancient city of Fez is home to priceless treatises in Islamic studies, astronomy, medicine.

Moroccan-born writer wins France's top literary prize

Leila Slimani wins Goncourt for her novel 'Chanson douce' based on real-life story of Dominican nanny in US.

In Turkey, worried artists ponder uncertain future

Istanbul, called the Pearl of the Bosphorus, has lost some of its artistic lustre in aftermath of failed military coup.

Abu Dhabi's Louvre surrounded by sea water

Half-billion-euro Louvre Abu Dhabi becomes museum 'on the sea' in major step towards completion of project.

Destroyed by ISIS, Palmyra arch rises again in London

Six-metre tall scale recreation of Triumphal Arch is made of Egyptian marble, was carved in northern Italian region of Tuscany.