Tackling problem of Egypt's street kids proving difficult

Workers from ministry of social solidarity set out to help rising number of street children to give them first-aid training.

Hair therapy boosts Istanbul's receding tourism

Historic Casablanca buildings crumbling in silence

First fashion show seeks to promote Syria's Kurdish traditional attire

Female Saudi horse trainer sees change underway for women

Fighting jihad with culture in Tunisia's impoverished mountains

Tunisian fashion designers inspired by country’s heritage

Syrian refugees find asylum in cold Iceland

Mideast Christians remain hopeful for future despite ISIS violence in 2016

Alarming rise of violence against women in Arab region

Comparing deradicalisation programmes today

Mix of happiness, sadness at recaptured Iraqi monastery

Warming climate changing most life on Earth

Lebanese heart surgeon saving Syrian babies’ lives

Arab Fashion Week begins in Dubai

Countless bombings in Baghdad’s Karrada since 2003 US-led invasion

Syria’s “Happy” baboon bears the scars of war

Famous Palestinian designer back home

Study: Height down in some MENA countries

Tunisia's Mellouli optimistic to win one last medal in Rio

Euro 2016 football fever overshadows soap operas in Arab world

Family helped by IS member to escape besieged Fallujah

Aleppo boys dream of becoming boxing champions despite war

Jail for Iranians who share ‘inappropriate’ photos on mobile apps

Young Algerians socialise at the mall

German asylum dream for Iraqis hard to fulfill

Smartphones more important than food for Syrian migrants

South Sudan symbol of freedom in jeopardy

'Double punishment' for HIV-infected Algerian women

Football cheers replace gunfire echoes in Tripoli

Merryland Park: A missed symbol of liberal Egypt

Entrepreneurs encourage people to ‘buy Syrian’

For Turks, Gallipoli not ordinary touristic place

Can Iraqis trust their government to rebuild their country?

A first for Arab world: Migrant workers to form labour union in Lebanon

Immigrant youth feel less equal in France of equality, fraternity

Gazans celebrate Christmas tinged with sadness

Arts Canteen London presents Attab Haddad: Iraqi oud with a western twist

Morocco fossils: A rare and vanishing treasure

Baghdad takes anti-jihadist war to airwaves


Palestinian fashion designer inspired by traditional patterns

Natalie Tahhan breathes new life into tradition, replacing painstaking processes of cross-stitching, embroidery with a laptop computer, printed fabric.

Morocco's Barbary macaque monkey on verge of disappearing

Morocco fights to save its iconic monkey which is now restricted to mountainous regions of Algeria, North African kingdom.

Iran female biker a symbol of shifting social norms

Shafiei has realised her dream of becoming professional biker despite living in country where she is not allowed to ride on public roads.

Algeria women footballers fight social stigma

Players of all-female club Afak Relizane shrug off gender stereotypes, financial hardship for sake of playing football.

Morocco grows into international cultural magnet

North African kingdom is witnessing cultural boom thanks to its renowned international festivals, large projects launched by King Mohammed VI.

Syrian pastry chefs bring know-how to Berlin

German capital is now 'home sweet home' for Syrian pastry chefs who fled their war-ravaged country.

Women bikers breaking taboos in Iraq

Initiative 'I am the society' has inspired dozens of Iraqi girls to ride bicycles in streets of Baghdad, defying traditions.

Chad's pupils seek out alternatives to empty schools

Three million pupils bear the brunt of widespread teacher strikes as growing numbers protest government austerity.

Qarawiyyin library holds written wonders

World's oldest library in Morocco's ancient city of Fez is home to priceless treatises in Islamic studies, astronomy, medicine.

Ancient Homs market being restored to former glory

In capital of Syria’s revolution, war-ravaged ancient market slowly reemerges from rubble.

Five-year-old Omran new face of Aleppo’s suffering

Photo of dazed Syrian boy sitting in ambulance covered in blood dust after air of Syrian city has drawn worldwide attention.